Process and Goals of the Evidence Based Medicine Lecture Series

At the Northwestern Emergency Medicine Residency, we use a unique educational format where we combine our monthly evidence based medicine lectures and assigned pieces of primary medical literature with a concurrently assigned podcast that discusses the pieces of literature in question. Given the widespread use of podcasts by residents and faculty alike, theĀ ultimate goal of this project is to equip residents with the tools to analyze primary medical literature while simultaneously critically considering the discussion of literature and clinical advice from podcasts.

How this all works:

Each month, a group of residents is assigned to select a podcast and review two studies that are referenced during that podcast discussion and distribute them to the residency. During a residency conference lecture hour, the group of residents is asked to present their appraisal of the medical literature, specifically the methods, results, conclusions, and internal/external validity of the studies. This is followed by information about their multimedia source, as in the author, setting, conflicts of interest, and the extent of dogmatism versus evidence based approaches within the podcast. This is followed by a critical analysis of the validity of the podcast commentary pertaining to the pieces of literature in question.

This website serves as a resource for our residents to access and review what we have covered in the past. We hope that you enjoy the site.


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