Lecture for February 5th, 2014: Toxic Alcohols

This month, we will discuss toxic alcohol ingestions, some pharmacokinetics, and treatment modalities of ingestions, specifically whether or not dialysis is indicated

Click here to listen to the podcast, this month, it’s coming from ERCAST.

Papers to be reviewed:

Levine et al. Ethylene glycol elimination kinetics and outcomes in patients managed without hemodialysis. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2012 Jun;59(6):527-31.

Lepik et al. Adverse Drug Events Associated With the Antidotes for Methanol and Ethylene Glycol Poisoning: A Comparison of Ethanol and Fomepizole. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2009 Apr;53(4):439-450.e10.

Please enjoy!


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