Lecture for October 2nd, 2013: Does time equal brain in ischemic stroke?

This month, we will tackle the question of whether or not “time=brain” in acute ischemic stroke by reviewing a SMARTEM podcast, and the papers listed below.

Listen to the SMARTEM podcast here: SMART Thrombolytics for Stroke: Update

Papers to be reviewed:

Saver JL, Fonarow GC, Smith EE, et al. Time to treatment with intravenous tissue plasminogen activator and outcome from acute ischemic stroke. JAMA. 2013 Jun 19; 309(23): 2480-8.

Sandercock P, Wardlaw JM, Lindley RI, et al. The benefits and harms of intravenous thrombolysis with recombinant tissue plasminogen activator within 6 h of acute ischaemic stroke (the third international stroke trial [IST-3]): a randomised controlled trial. Lancet. 2012 Jun 23; 379(9834): 2352-63.

We will also review the ACEP clinical policy for TPA use.